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Hot Tub & Spa Cartridge Filters

Hot Tub & Spa Cartridge Filters

Buy your cartridge filters from Spa Keepers®. Please contact us to order filters. Use the information below to measure and identify your filter cartridge, this information is required to order.

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How to measure your cartridge:

1. Measure the outside diameter of the cartridge in inches.

2. Measure the length of the filter from end cap to end cap. Do not include things like handles or threaded bottoms in the measurement.

3. ID the end cap configuration using the chart below. Is it threaded with a handle, or open on both ends, etc?

4. To better identify the cartridge, count the number of pleats. This allows us to determine the square footage of the filter in question.

How to clean your filter cartridge:

The cartridge(s) should be cleaned regularly to maintain proper operation and filtration of your hot tub. We recommend removing your filter to rinse it with a garden hose 2-4 times a month. We also recommend soaking the cartridge in filter cleaning solution once per month. It is important that you always have a cartridge in the hot tub. Therefore we recommend having additional cartridges on hand before cleaning.

Remove the cartridge from the filter canister and dislodge loose debris by directing a stream of water from a garden hose between each pleat. Do not use high pressure water streams or stiff bristle brushes to clean your cartridge. These abrasive methods may damage the filter media.

Soak the cartridge in a bucket of water and the correct amount of filter cleaner solution to remove oils or other organics. This should be done monthly or as needed. If stubborn stains persist you can soak the cartridge overnight in a solution of one quart household bleach to five gallons of water.  

Rinse the cartridge thoroughly with clean fresh water. If you have an alternate cartridge as previously recommended you can allow the clean cartridge to dry in storage until needed.

Maintaining your cartridges properly should allow them to be effective for 12-18 months, then they should be disposed of and replaced. Always follow the instructions provided in the owner's manual for removing and reinstalling your filter cartridge.

Always exercise extreme caution when handling bleach or any other chemical. It is not recommended to acid wash your filters.


Cross Reference of Filters  by Manufacturer

Cross Reference of Filters by Manufacturer

Try this link to a cross reference of filters listed by manufacturer to search & identify your hot tub filters.

 Identify your cartridge top & bottom

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